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ROOTs can do the creation of new infrastructures as well as the management of existing infrastructure systems, we can do the planning, design, analysis, implementation and providing the smartest infrastructure solution to connect every part of yourorganization at lowest possible cost.


1- Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are video cameras used for the purpose of observing an area. They are often connected to a recording device or IP network, and may be watched by a security guard or law enforcement officer.

Each Category is subcategorized to the following same cameras

Hikvision camera

Coaxial Systems

1- DVR systems have backward compatibility – they can be used to upgrade existing CCTV systems to digital, giving users a number of important advantages for viewing, processing and storage.

2-DVR systems are not network dependent. Since the system is ‘hard-wired’ there is no danger of network outages or interference that may hinder IP network or wireless systems.

3- Further, since they don’t operate on a network, DVR systems cannot be hacked online. They are safe and secure in most cases.

4- DVRs have a lower average cost than NVR systems.

Network Systems

1- Easy to install and no wiring needed. Can work with IP camera systems for greater flexibility when placing cameras and designing the overall security protocol.

2- Processing from analog to digital takes place at camera level meaning that redundancy exists for a safer and more robust system.

3- Can connect to the internet for remote viewing capabilities and multiple storagelocations.
4- Data over the system can be encrypted for better protection.
5- Can record at greater IPS (image per second) levels.
6- Allows cameras with advanced features such as motion detection and greater resolutions.

Resolutions Example

Different cameras in megapixels and aperture

2 MP (1080P) full HD Lens Aperture 2.8mm

1 MP (720P) HD Lens Aperture 2.8mm

2 MP (1080P) full HD Lens Aperture 6mm

1 MP (720P) HD Lens Aperture 6mm

2- Fire Alarm system

Selecting a fire alarm for your construction site is not only about following the legal requirements,the right alarm system can help to save money, time and effort.

Most commonly, businesses install conventional and addressable fire alarms to safeguard their premises.Both the alarms connect the various devices like smoke detectors and call points to the main control panel.

The key difference between the two alarm systems is that in an addressable fire alarm, you can identify which device has been triggered pecifically.

Our engineers can help you choose and install the best fire alarm system that is most suited for your construction site’s requirements.

Fire alarms are economical, very reliable and is the best option to ensure the safety of your worksite and people.

Each Category is subcategorized to the following :

3- Electric Gates

An electric gate is a type of gate that can be opened and closed using an electrically powered mechanism.

4- Security Inspectors

Intelligent optical inspection and recognition solutions to secure entrances, identify threats, and provide real-time actionable intelligence.

5- Access Control

In any business, organization, the need of security and regulating access for employees and visitors becomes a challenge with ever-growing traffic within the premises. Our products provide a wide range of integrated solutions from encrypted door controllers and wireless lock systems to biometric applications to portable hand-held card readers in order to strengthen security and ensure protection of people, property, and assets. Implementing an access control system is not only to minimize the risk of unauthorized access but also to make a selective restriction of access to a place or a certain area. Our access controls can integrate with almost all of our products to give it the ability to permit or deny access and transform it to a fully automated integrated solution.

6- Intrusion System

An intrusion, then, is any action taken by an adversary that has a negative impact on the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of that information. Having physical access to a computer system allows an adversary to bypass most security protections put in place to prevent unauthorized access.