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ROOTs can do the creation of new infrastructures as well as the management of existing infrastructure systems, we can do the planning, design, analysis, implementation and providing the smartest infrastructure solution to connect every part of yourorganization at lowest possible cost.




cisco ata with router


wireless solutions

Data Centers


2-Clock Systems

Personnel attendance control systems are developed  in order to determine the entry and exit hours of the employees to / from the workplace and calculate the monthly salary  according to these  entrance and exit times automatically.

3-Sound Systems

we will help you find the right placement for your speakers, Play the same sound in every room/office flawlessly, play different sounds in every space without disturbing or interfering, control your music like never before.

4-Telephone Sys

Make it easier to manage your business and keep track of important meetings and clients. With features that include voicemail, caller ID and automatic call forwarding, at lower or almost no cost and always ready to expand as your business grows.

5-Intercom Sys

View, communicate and control access to your business or building without moving a toe, our intercom can easily integrate with our access control systems so you can deny or give access to individuals.

6-MATV Systems

An MATV system is basically a network of cables and specially designed components that process and amplify TV and FM signals and distribute them from one central location to many.

07-Nurse Systems

A nurse call system is an alarm service that patients or hospital staff activate by pressing a button on a bedside pendant, wall-mounted box, or remotely from another room using buttons placed near the door of the patient’s room or via a nurse call pendant

8-Queuing Systems

A queueing system can be described as a system having a service facility at which units of some kind (generically called “customers”) arrive for service; whenever there are more units in the system than the service facility can handle simultaneously, a queue (or waiting line) develops.