ROOTs smart shop solution is a comprehensive IP system dedicated to security and productivity. It protects staff’s security and assets, and prevents owner’s any loss or internal theft. This system is also featured by productivity evaluation, merchandising optimization, and multi-spot management. This wonderful solution is designed for independent shop, department store, and chain store that provides all the features mentioned above.



·How to improve security of customers/staffs?

·How to make my store less intrusive?

·How to decrease internal theft for loss prevention?

·How to evaluate business productivity?

·How to deterrent break-ins during off-hours?

·How to assess performance of store’s layout?

Key Features


·High video quality for staff security-assets protection.

·Specific covert cameras to creating an aesthetical shopping environment.

·Tailored products for internal theft-loss prevention.

·Intelligent platform for productivity assessment.


Application Scenarios


Storage Rack

Easy-to-install design

ROOTs Recessed Mount Dome camera can perfectly blend into shop ceiling structure


Storage Rack

Storage Rack

Layout optimization

ROOTs Fisheye cameras can realize not only a 360 degree deadcorner-free surveillance, but also a heat mapping analysis to tell store owner which area attracts the most.


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